40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.

County of Oakland

Child Abuse and Neglect Protocol

Coordinated Investigative Team Approach



Please register for ONE of the following trainings on the updated protocol. The training dates are:


Date: November 5, 2018

Time: 1:00-4:00pm

Location: Oakland Schools




Date: February 7, 2019

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Location: Oakland Schools




Date: April 10, 2019

Time: 4:00-7:00pm

Location: Oakland Schools



Mandated Reporters - Helping Protect Michigan's Most Vulnerable


Disproportionality of Child Welfare in Michigan



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Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: CARE House of Oakland County Awarded $65,000 Grant from the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

PONTIAC, Mich. – The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation awarded CARE House of Oakland County a $65,000 grant for its Breaking the Cycle of Abuse program – which currently serves more than 7,000 individuals annually.

Grant funding will enable CARE House to create two new positions, including a full-time Director of Community Education and part-time community outreach facilitator to develop, coordinate and facilitate new prevention programs. Additionally, the Community Education Director will serve as a liaison with community organizations, hospitals, schools and service agencies to foster ongoing prevention trainings.

“Our partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation advances our vision to impact the safety of every child in Oakland County,” said Blythe Spitsbergen, executive director, CARE House. “Through our child abuse prevention programs, we work to make that vision closer to reality by cultivating a proactive community.”

With additional support from the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, CARE House’s goal is to increase the number of individuals served by its Breaking the Cycle of Abuse program to 10,000 by fall 2019.

Every year the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation awards new funding to a carefully selected group of applicants whose work supports the Foundation’s Three Pillars (Community Benefit, Pediatric Research and Medical Education) and Five Focus Areas (Nutritional Wellness, Abuse & Neglect, Injury Prevention, Mental Health and Oncology/Cardiology).


Lexi Cerilli, for CARE House


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Every day at CARE House, we see some of the bravest children in the world. They have seen some of the worst of what human behavior has to offer, but they continually strive forward to persevere against the trauma inflicted upon them. These children are our heroes.

And so are the people who support their recovery. When you choose to make a donation to CARE House, you're not only helping to treat victims of child sexual abuse or children in foster care. You're helping to secure a future where no child has to fear the harm of abuse and neglect.

Superhero Squad

We were inspired to start our Superhero Squad by a therapy client who patrolled our offices in a Batman mask to make sure there were no bad guys around before starting his weekly therapy session. You can help be a superhero for the kids who come to CARE House by becoming a monthly donor. Monthly donations are an easy way to ensure that the kids who come to CARE House have consistent and reliable support to achieve the great things they aspire to. It’s a great way to leave a huge impact on the children in your community at any giving amount.

"I support CARE House because it is a local organization in which I know does amazing work to positively impact the lives of many children. Setting up monthly reoccurring donations was the best and most efficient way for me to ensure I offer continued support." - current monthly donor

Every child who has to come to CARE House has the superhero potential within them. Your continual support is the crucial step to unlocking that potential, leading to a safer future for all children in our community.

Sign up below:


You can help be a superhero for the kids who come to CARE House by becoming a monthly donor. Monthly donations are an easy way to ensure that the kids who come to CARE House have consistent and reliable support to achieve the great things they aspire to. It’s a great way to leave a huge impact on the children in your community while leaving a minimal impact on your wallet.

All you have to do is join is to fill out the donation form below, choose the 'Recurring' Donation Type, then indicate how frequently you want to donate (ex. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Choose from one of the suggested donation amounts or fill in your own in the box. No gift amount is too small!



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Online Donation


Use this form to make an online donation. If this is for something specific, please note that in the comment box.

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$10,000 and above

Denise Abrash
Fitzgerald Davis & Alicia Boler-Davis
Paul Elie
Gerald & Janet Frericks
Lisa Payne
Barry & Patricia Rosen
Dietrich & Marianna Sneideraitis
Jerry & Pat Wagner
Bruce & Anne Wilden

$5,000 - $9,999

Jeffrey & Kathleen Abrash
Christopher & Lori Corden
Carol Curtis
William & Sharon Devine
David & Jennifer Doyle
Mark & Loree Frank
Jim & Mazy Gillis
Angelo & Sandy Iafrate
Dave & Emily Katarski
Donald & Pamela Kegley
Barry & Janice King
James & Mary Alice Lee
Garry & Brier Neel
Mykolas & Tamara Rambus
Patrick & Amber Stack
Dan Stall
Jerry & Pat Wagner
James & Catherine Weissenborn

$1,000 - $4,999

Dan & Valiena Allison
Stacey Armstrong
Abeer & Jeana Asmaro
Joseph Aviv
Elaine Baker
Tom & Lauren Balames
Diane Bert
Richard & Susan Bingham
Lawrence & Nancy Bluth
Terri Chapman
David & Cynthia Collins
Kevin Cronin
Mark & Margie Davidoff
Marla Feldman
Patricia Finnegan Sharf
Michelle Frey
Vincent Giovanni & Suzanne Russell
James & Tracey Goddeeris
Maureen Goodin
Steven & Joann Gordon
John & Janet Grant
Dean Greve & Monica Gayle
Steve & Elise Guidos
Robert & Dannielle Hamilton
Michael & Elizabeth Hausman
Christina Heidrich
Heather Hendrickson
Mike & Beverly Hubers
Michael Jacobson
Scott & Roslyn Jacobson
Gerald & Lynn Johnson
Hans-Werner & Anke Kaas
Manish Kesliker & Supak Sookasikon
Edan & Hilary King
Dmitry Koublitsky & Maureen Francis
G. Robert & Margo Lesser
Horace & Stacie Levy
Alex & Lisa MacDonald
Barbara Mahone
Mary Jo Malafa
William & Margaret Matthews
Katie McBride
Michael & Candice Mihalich
Gregory & Elizabeth Myers
Michael & Diane Piesko
Mark Pomorski & Debra Adams-Pomorski
Robert & Maryclare Pulte
Ronald & Nina Ramsey
Alison Ristovski
Thomas Schellenberg & Joan Young
Mark & Lois Shaevsky
William & Michelle Sider
Janan Sitto
Robert Sloan
Eric Smith
Brian & Blythe Spitsbergen
Douglas & Gina Stapleton
Stephen & Ann Templeton
Clayton & Kathleen Trible
Dale Watchowski & Randi Williams
S. Eliot & Whitney Weiner
Barbara Whittaker
Timothy Wilson
Steve & Katie Wybo
Jackie Zbikowski

$999 and below

Matthew Abel
Howard Abrams & Nina Dodge Abrams
Zaid & Sarah Abu-Seir
Libby Adler
Joshua & Judith Adler
Sandeep Ahuja & Vandana Verma-Ahuja
Renee Allen
Guy & Beverly Allen
Suzanne Allen
Trudy Anderson
William & Marilyn Anderson
Leif & Cindy Anderson
Aaron & Katie Andreas
Gerard Andree
Johnathan Andres
Tyrone & Erica Andrews
Matthew Anger
Bruce & Amy Annett
Stephanie Appel
Joseph & Joan Aresco
Khashayar Arianpour
David & Kimberly Ascher
Marilyn Asin
Laura Athens
Margie Atler
James & Doris August
Pamela Ayres
Paul & Tracie Bach
Ray Bahado-Singh
Rosemary Ballard
Khensa Bangert
Julie Barrett
Ralph & Joyce Baughn
John Beard
Jessica Bell
Renee Bell
Thomas & Margaret Beller
Michael & Joanne Bellet
Mark & Beverly Beltramo
Esther Beneson
Brendan Bennett & Kelli Dennis
Stephen & Mary Bergmann
Marci Berlin
Cynthia Billings
Christopher & Janice Billmeyer
Joan Birnie
Derek Board
David & Laurie Boccia
Therese Boka
Suzanne Bolton
Jordan & Rebecca Bolton
Sarah Bomberski
Dan & Linda Bomberski
Deb Bonnerjee
Edward Borio
Lisa Bouchard
John & Jeanne Bourget
Louise Bowman
H. J. & Mary Boyes
Nicole Braddock
Catherine Bradley
Robert & Hilary Bradley
Steven Brandon
Heidi Braun
Wade Brokmeyer
Donna Brooks
Brenda Brown
Kristen Brown
Gregory L. & Nancy Brownrigg
David & Susan Brueckman
Tiffany Bruno
David Bull
Brent Burleson
Delois Caldwell
William & Marjeanne Camp
Carol Campau
Diana Capanyola
Dawn Carene
Clifford & Patricia Carney
Benjamin Carr
Jami Carter
Pamela Cassin
Robert & Gwendolyn Cesario
Anita Chamberlain
Jerome & Suzanne Chapnick
Manny & Natalie Charach
David & Maureen Charlip
Cheryl Cheah
Max Chiddister & Karen Hart
Joseph & Nancy Chrzanowski
Thomas & Samantha Cicotello
John & Tami Clark
Seamus Clark
Christopher & Jennifer Cobb
Shannon Coleman
Matthew & Michelle Collins
Kelly Collins
Bradley Conkey & Cheryl Matthews
Susan Conway
Christopher & Devon Cook
Daniel & Laurie Cooper
Amy Cordes
Paul & Joy Corneliussen
Dean Corsi
Brian Crabtree
Jamie Cramer
Brenda Creamer
George & Therese Crockatt
Scott Cronin
Sabrina Cronin
Nina Cutler
Peter & Sandra Czako
Gerald & Karen Czernel
Veronica Daly
Mark Dandrea
Richard & Darlene Dargo
Brandy & Nisha David
John Decerchio & Michelle Guisewite
Dawn DeLorenzo
Stephen & Sandra Demoss
Todd Denenberg
Robert Devos
Michael & Kelly Dietz
Pierina DiFalco & Susan Van Buhler
Donald & Frances Dimmer
Melissa Dionne
Kristen Donnay
Joseph Donofrio
Herbert & Christina Donovan
Sally Doty
Joann Doyle
Dennis Drury & Robin Nice
Andrew & Erica Dunlap
Sara Dykowski
John & Bridget Ebbing
Michael Edwards
Brian & Kristine Edwards
Steven Ekizian
Anne Ellis
Simon & Melanie Esland
Gene Esshaki & Cynthia Merry
Maria Evangelista
Randy Falk
Michael & Deborah Farley
William & Darlene Feeley
Darlene Fegley
Teri Fenner
Julie Fielder
Cinzia Filipovski
Roland & Mary Ann Fischer
James & Colleen Flynn
Creighton & Denise Forester
Doreen Forgue
Stephen & Betsy Fowler
Lois Frank
Deborah Franks
Stuart Freedland
Judy Freedman
Margo Freedman
Sharon Frericks
Matt & Jodi Friedman
Charles & Susan Fritz
Kenneth & Kathy Fuerst
Richard Fueyo
Sue Galambos
Carole Galloway
Anthony & Mary Gallucci
Keith & Stacy Garrison
T. & Cyntoria Gary
Dennis Gates
Chris & Emily Gessner
Nancy Ghossein
Joseph & Susan Gibson
Harry & Randi Glanz
Sandra Gluski
Rosalie Glynn
Andrea Gold
Bradley Goldberg & Marla Parker
Tom & Kathy Goldberg
Barbara Goldberg
Robert & Lucy Gorski
Judith Graham
Nancy Greeley
Christine Greig
Jennifer Griffith
Frank & Mary Lorene Griffo
Stuart Grigg
Wendy Gueth
Francisco Guevara
Janet Guidos
Michael Gullion
Bill Guy & Andrea Magiera-Guy
Cynthia Guzzo
Marilyn Haberkorn
Brent Hable
Whitney Hadley
Robert & Barbara Hadley
Frank Hamidi
Lisa Hamill
Max Hamilton
Lori Hamilton
Joyce Hancock
George Harabedian
Ron & Lori Harbour
Zachhary Hartley
Dorothy Harwood
John & Brenda Hascall
Richard & Pamela Hawkins
Antoinette Hayes
Jim Hayes
Chris & Janice Heaphy
Kevin & Mary Kay Heintz
Heather Helms
Steven & Ruth Henrion
William Herman & Joan Keller-Herman
Darren Hessenthaler & Laura Eisenberg
Edward Higgins
Ruby Hillery
Gary & Christa Hintz
Jason & Jannell Hoffmeyer
Paul & Janann Hoge
Susan Hollar
Alicia Holmes
M. Hommel
Harlan Horst & Amy Woods
Kelly Houseman
Brett Howard
Stephen Howard
Stephen & Diana Howard
Sarah Howey-Thewes
John Hruska
Michael & Brianne Huber
Muriel Hucul
Larry & Constance Hudas
Daniel & Elizabeth Hunter
Brian & Tammy Inglis
Simon Jabiru
M. David & Darlene Jackson
John Jagels
Slma Jamal
John & Janice Jameson
Kathy Jamieson
Paula Jeon
Jordan John
Robert John & Susan Ivanovic-John
Darwin & Kay Johnson
Charesa Johnson
Rayneld Johnson
Molly Johnson
Peter & Martha Johnson
Mary Lou Johnstone
Eric & Jennifer Jones
Debra Jordan
Kathleen Jurick
Jeffrey & Marla Kaftan
Minerva Kalasho
Shannon Kane
Donald & Yolan Karcher
Steven & Debbie Karr
Phyllis Katz
Kevin & Karen Keating
Terrence & Noreen Keating
Raymond Keeling
Marvin & Barbara Keller
Carole Keller
Peter & Jacqueline Kelley
Richard & Diane Kenefic
Kevin & Nancy Kennedy
Michael & Laura Kerby
Saima Khalil
Zach Kiefer
Michael & Patricia Kiesel
Caitlin Kimball
Mark & Leslie Kitzman
Jan Klein & Julie Nelson-Klein
Rita Klingler
James & Jackie Knittel
Joseph & Sandra Knollenberg
Gwendolyn Knowles
Shelby Kojaian
John Kozicki
William & Rebecca Kraus
Joyce Krom
Joseph Krul & Jackie Zbikowski
Sandra Kuohn
Andrew Kurzawa
Muriel Laidlaw
Paul & Chris Lamarche
Linda Lambert
Christne Landry
Dante & Jane Lanzetta
Charles Larkin
Lawrence & Judy Larson
Dianne Larson
Jeff Yuet Ching & Angel Lau
Laura Lawson
Bonnie Lazaruk
Aubrey & Jeane Lee
Valerie Leebove
Rhonda Lerner
John & Linda Lessway
Sybil Levenson
Edward Levy & Linda Dresner
Mark Lewandowski
Len & Dodi Lewis
George & Suzanne Leydorf
Donald Linn
James & Helene Lionas
Lawrence & Nolia Lloyd
Daneen Locke
Gary & Elizabeth Lockwood
Michael & Christina Locricchio
Patricia Lodish
Chuck Ludwig & Carol Hanson
Joseph & Amanda Lunghamer
Jack & Leslie Lynch
Kelley Lyne
Stefanie Macher
George Malis & Kathleen McCarthy
Frank Mamat
Lindsey Mansour
Courtney Maped
Melvin & Linda Marx
Mark & Susan Mathes
Warren & Marie Matice
Amy Matteson
Susan Matthews
Leah Mattise
Vanessa Mauldin
Robert & Carol McCall
Ronald & Sherry McCormick
Kerby McCoy
Patrick & Darby McEvilly
Therese McFarland
Michael & Marcia McGee
Bridget McGlynn
Jen McGrady
Lisa McGrath
Deborah McKelvy
Katherine McLaughlin
Alan McMaster & Mary Jordan-McMaster
Timothy & Cheryl McNamara
Aaron & Felicicia McNeill
Ardith Melesky
Irika Mellin
David & Laura Mendelson
Steven & Nicole Merkouris
Rebecca Merriman
Kurt & Sharon Meyer
Adrian Michel
Keri Middleditch
Jon Midtgard & Jennifer Coates-Midtgard
Sandra Miller
Joel & Sallie Miller
Kyle & Colleen Miller
Craig & Barbara Minbiole
Suzan & Steve Mitchell
Andrea Mitra
Efren & Florecita Mojica
Mitchell & Diane Mondry
Carlos & Sandra Montes
Javan Moore
Julie Morad Natsis
John & Kathryn Moran
Midge Moran
Alexander & Janice Morgan
Phillip Morici
William & Linda Morrow
Amy Mosher
Jeffery & Ann Moss
Mark Munro
Teresa Muscat
Heather Myers
David & Laurie Nagey
James & Colleen Nagle
Eric Nagler
Brian & Barbara Naimola
Robert Nakisher
Dena Nasar
Eugene & D. Robin Newman
Caleb & Lisa Newman
John & Suzanne Nicholson
Laura Nicholson
Kristen Nonnay
Bradley & Darlene Nowak-Baker
James & Sharon Nowakowski
Michael & Kathleen Nowicki
Peter & Lisa Obee
Patrick & Joanne O'Brien
Dale O'Hara
Cindy Oliver
Michael & Patricia Omans
Mary O'Neill
Brenda Orlando
Robin Orlikowski
Bob & Colleen Orsatti
Russ & Trisha Ortisi
M. Jane O'Shea
Ronald Ostrowski
Donald & Elsie Overy
Chad & Channel Ozias
Robert & Susan Paletz
Jeffrey & Pamela Parlow
George & Jenny Pateryn
Roberta Patt
Larry & Sandra Payne
Ruthanne Pearlman
George & Andrea Peck
Huel & Priscilla Perkins
Natalie Petrov-Shebowich
Donald & Deborah Peven
Eric & Patrice Phillips
Michael Philp
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Matthew & Murry Pierce
Lisa Pilley
Romara Pimpleton
Lisa Pittiglio
Roxanne Plater
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Daniel & Kimberleigh Pozdol
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David & Christine Provost
Robert & Susan Prusak
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Jim & Angela Quick
Doug Racine
Mitchell & Elisabeth Radcliff
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Richard & Sheila Ragold
Kyle Ray
James Rayis
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Allan & Sally Reis
Marc & Jan Reisman
Kala Richards
Elizabeth Richardson
Andrew & Susan Richner
Tom & Denise Rizzo
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Zach Roberts
Annmarie Roche
Peter & Lynn Root
Lindsay Rosenfeld
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Norman & Harriet Rotter
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Ignacio & Kimberly Ruiz
Vijay & Ritu Saigal
Alexandria Saker
Jeffrey & Carey Sallee
Rose Samarian
Jeanette Sansoterra
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Mike & Mariann Sarafa
Abdullah Sayed
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David & Lori Schechter
Bluma Schechter
Mary Beth Schoeninger
William & Judith Schramm
John & Deborah Schrot
Phyllis Schueller
Darrin & Theresa Schultz
Theodore & Anna Marie Schuster
Michael & Tricia Schuster
Denise Schwartz
Mary Scott
Emmon & Janet Scott
Randall & Nicole Seever
Jerome & Michelle Seid
Jeff & Jill Sesplankis
Nancy Shapero
Gary Shapiro & Susan Malinowski
Jack Shartsis
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Bruce & Maxine Smiley
James & Carolyn Smith
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James & Mary Anne Smyth
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Howard & Marlene Splete
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Norman & Pamela Staniszewski
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Howard & Judith Stephens
Kitty Stephenson
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Jeffrey & Cynthia Stewart
Sandy & Alexis Stone
Larry & Barbara Stringer
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Chris & Stacy Sturgill
Vincent & Colleen Styrna
Robert & Sharon Suess
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Charles & Meghan Tafel
Steffan & Shelley Taub
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Gablan & Renee Zawaideh
James Zech & Deborah Schornack
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Mary Lou Zieve


$100,000 and above

Impact100 Oakland County

Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission

Oakland County Department of Health & Human Services

Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency

The Samuel and Jean Frankel Health and Research Foundation

$25,000 - $99,999

Children's Trust Fund

Delta Air Lines

DeRoy Testamentary Foundation

General Motors LLC & General Motors Foundation

Milton M. Ratner Foundation

Trott Foundation

$5,000 - $24,999

Attorney's Title Agency, LLC

Beaumont Hospital

Bluewater Technologies, Inc.

Celani Family Foundation

Chemical Bank

Commonwealth McCann

Conway MacKenzie

Cunningham-Limp Development

Detroit Legal News Publishing, LLC

Eagles for Children, Inc

Feldman Automotive

Flexible Plan Investments, LTD.

FMReps Distribution, Inc.

Huntington National Bank

Integrated Design Solutions

Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss

Kaufman Mayo Foundation

Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church

Kojaian Management Corporation

London Square Specialty Services

M1 Concourse

Mackinac Partners LLC

Oakland County Bar Foundation

Plante Moran, PLLC


Rite Aid Foundation KidCents

Robert F. Beard Charitable Foundation

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Somerset Collection North

Soave Enterprises LLC

St. Joseph Mercy - Oakland

Star EMS Charities

Suburban Collection

The Stone Foundation of Michigan

The Taubman Company

The Williams Family Fund

Tiffany & Co.

Troy Rotary Foundation


Variety, The Children's Charity, Inc.

Wells Fargo Foundation

Wolverine Truck Sales Inc

Women of Bloomfield

$1,000 - $4,999

365 Retail Markets

Art Leaders Gallery

Association of Legal Administrators

Clawson United Methodist Church


Community Foundation for SE MI

Deloitte LLP


Drusilla Farwell Foundation

Dryden Family Foundation


Empowerment Foundation

Fabulous Events


Fifth Generation Inc.

Financial One Inc

Flagstar Bank


FTG Realty Corporation

Full Course Catering LLC

G. C. Timmis & Company


Grand Traverse Pie Company

Grigg Graphic Services

Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn

Indratech, LLC

Joe Muer Seafood

Junior League of Birmingham

Lakes Area Women's Club

Main Street Bank


Oakland County - Casual Days

OUWB Pediatric Interest Group

Sachse Construction

Schoolcraft College

Sedona Taphouse

Select Specialty Hospital--Pontiac

Star Trax

Table for Eight Detroit & The Social Connection

Tappers Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

The Community House

The Somerset Collection

The Townsend Hotel

The Village Club Foundation

The Young Foundation

United Shore Financial Services, LLC

Vision Investment Partners LLC

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc

VTC Insurance Group

$999 and below


Abbott Nicholson PC

Adair Consulting & Events LLC

Aisin World Corp. of America

Alpha Delta Kappa

Alpha Gamma Delta



Auntie Rah Rah's Cookies & Treats

Austin Benefits Group

Baker College

Barton Malow Foundation

Bella Piatti

Big Beaver United Methodist Church

Cafe ML

Central Processing Services LLC

Christ the Redeemer Church

Clarkston Junior High School

Clay Avenue Guitar Company

Core Learning, Inc.


Countryside Improvement Association

Detroit Foundation Hotel

Dr. Hummon & Dr. Gebeck

Ennis Center for Children, Inc.

First Presbyterian Church of Pontiac

Fork N' Pint

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Good Cookin'

Great Lakes Academy

Henry Ford Dermatology Department

Holly Middle School

Hot Off the Grill Catering

International Order of the Rainbow for Girls of Berkley

Katherine Broock Ballard LLC


Lake Louise Choir Camp


Little Caesars Pizza


Lowe's Home Centers, LLC

Margot European Day Spa

Massage Care

Maxine & Stuart Frankel Foundation

National Council of Jewish Women

Network For Good

Oakland County Credit Union

Oakland County Medical Society

Oakland Early College

Optik Birmingham

Our Lady of Victory Church

Ovations Dining Services

Papa Romanos

Premium Taste Catering, LLC

Prime + Proper

Real Estate Gives Corporation

Real Estate One

Rehabilitation Physicians PC


River Bistro Detroit

Seizert Family Foundation

Seymour Travel

Smokey G's Smokehouse

St. Andrew Catholic Church

St. Daniel Catholic Church - Christian Service

Stante Excavating Co., Inc.

Sullivan, Ward, Asher & Patton, P.C.

T. Gary Catering Group

Tanner Friedman


TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants

Telly's Greenhouse

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Henk Studio, Inc.

The Maple Theater

The Mauthe Family Trust

The Real McCoy Food & Catering

Total Quality Logistics, LLC

Venetian Club of Mutual Aid

Welcome Missionary Baptist Church

Williams, Williams, Ruby and Plunkett

Women's Bar Association - Oakland

Xemplar Club of Farmington & Farmington Hills, Inc

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Body Safety Training

[Duration: 90 minutes] Explore protection from common child safety concerns, and empower children to be The Boss of their bodies. Can be attended by students and school personnel. To schedule this presentation, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Human Trafficking Training

[Duration: 120 minutes] Defining this epidemic; understanding its negative impact; identifying and engaging victims; and mandated reporting. Can be attended by middle school-aged students and school personnel. To schedule this presentation, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mandated Reporter Training

We provide training for Mandated Reporters in-person and online. For more information on these options, click here.

Online Safety Training

[Duration: 90 minutes] Teaching children how to protect their personal information online; dealing with online harassment; recognizing risk; and reporting victimization to adults. For students. To schedule this presentation, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..