40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.

Stewards of Children is a sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse, and motivates them to courageous action.

The Stewards of Children program is designed for agencies and organizations that serve children and youth, and any/all adults interested in protecting children.


To schedule a training for the Stewards of Children program;

Miriana Milo, MA Community Outreach Manager

248.332.7173 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After a child has made a disclosure of sexual abuse or severe physical abuse, the healing from the trauma of abuse begins. At CARE House, children can have ongoing individual therapy and participate in group therapy.

The children and their non-offending family members can also attend the weekly Family Support Group, where the family comes together to share a meal, often provided by volunteer groups, then meets in several age-related smaller groups – parents, young children, adolescents - to focus on related curriculum topics.

  • Individual Therapy – trauma-focused therapy for child victims of abuse.
  • Treatment Groups – weekly group therapy for teen girls. The expanded space in the new CARE House will allow for other groups.
  • Family Support Group – weekly support group for children and non-offending family members.
  • Adult Survivor Group

For more information about the CARE House Treatment Program call 248.332.7173.

CARE House provides a safe place where a child's voice can be heard.

When a case of suspected child abuse has been reported, Children's Protective Services (CPS) or law enforcement does an initial investigative and determines if the child should be referred to CARE House for an interview.

Case Coordination/MDT Approach
Following the Best Practice Standard of its accrediting body, the National Children's Alliance (NCA), the Child Advocacy Center at CARE House participates in a multi-disciplinary approach, coordinating a team from law enforcement, CPS, and Oakland County Prosecutors Office, and other team members as needed, such as a medical professional. This multidisciplinary team (MDT) meets at CARE House to discuss the case and observe the interview of the child.

Forensic Interview
One of the highly trained CARE House Intervention staff interviews the potential child victim about what happened to him or her, while being observed by the MDT. The interviews are also videotaped.

In 2016, 852 children came to CARE House for a forensic interview.

Crisis Counseling
Because child abuse affects not only the child but the entire family, the Crisis Counselor offers support, materials and referrals for community resources to the non-offending parent. The Crisis Counselor meets with the parent while the child is being interviewed at CARE House, and also makes two follow-up telephone contacts to the parent.

In 2016, 757 parents/guardians received crisis counseling at CARE House.

Medical Evaluation
CARE House has a medical exam room, where doctors will volunteer their time and expertise in child abuse, to provide wellness exams for children who have been interviewed at CARE House.

Sexually abused children often feel they are damaged goods. A wellness evaluation, a non-invasive head-to-toe exam, can reassure the child and parent that the child has not been physically damaged, which is beneficial to their emotional healing from abuse. Many times there are no physical signs of abuse – the trauma's not visible, it's inside the child.

In 2016, 23 children had medical evaluations at CARE House..

Court Orientation
When a child has to testify in court about the abuse, it is often an intimidating experience. In an effort to help alleviate some of that anxiety, CARE House provides a monthly Court Orientation session, where the Crisis Counselor takes the child and non-offending parent into an actual courtroom, to learn where they will be seated, where the judge, jury, attorneys and defendant will be, and what will happen during the court proceeding. At times, CARE House staff will also accompany the child to court to provide support while the child testifies.


Professionals who work with children have been mandated by law to report suspected abuse. There are many categories of mandated reporters, including school personnel, child care workers, medical providers, clergy, law enforcement and social workers.

CARE House provides training to these mandated reporters on how to recognize and report child abuse.


To schedule a training for Mandated Reporters;

Tonya Womack - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carolina Garza-Flores - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Click here for the Child Protection Law.

There are 1.24 million people living in Oakland County.

273,000 of them are children.

1 in 10 of those children will be sexually abused before they turn 18.

CARE House of Oakland County is a children’s advocacy center, providing first rate services to victims of child abuse and neglect. Our mission is to be a leading resource in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and the protection of children through advocacy, education, intervention, research, training, and treatment, in collaboration with the community. Our vision is to affect the safety of every child in Oakland County through intervention, treatment and prevention.

CARE House currently offers the following programs:

Intervention and Treatment:  When police and Children's Protective Services receive reports of suspected child abuse, we provide forensic interviews for those children at our facility. Police and CPS attend the interview, which is designed to avoid re-traumatizing the child. We also provide therapy for these children and their non-offending family members. For child abuse victims, our Intervention and Treatment program offers a critical first step on the road to healing and an opportunity for children to reclaim their lives.

In 2016, CARE House provided 852 forensic interviews and 2,841 individual therapy sessions for child victims of abuse and their non-offending family members.

Early Head Start: Our Family Educators make weekly home visits to our Early Head Start participants. This program is for low-income and at-risk families with infants and toddlers, and provides parents with the necessary tools and skills to raise happy, healthy kids. Children and parents benefit from our Early Head start home visits, play groups, and health screenings. This program is vital to breaking the cycle of abuse.

108 infants and toddlers are currently enrolled in CARE House’s Early Head Start program.

Community Outreach: Child abuse is so widespread, with 1 in 10 children being sexually abused before they turn 18, it’s likely someone you know will be affected by it. Our Prevention program aims to teach children and adults to recognize the signs of abuse and to take proper action. By educating our community, we gain the power to collectively stop abuse in its tracks.

In 2016, 3,784 adults and 52 children participated in prevention trainings. Click here for more information on our training offerings.

For information on our training offerings, or if you're interested in scheduling a training, click here.

Court-Appointed Special Advocates [CASA]: Children in foster care undergo an incredible amount of stress and uncertainty in what should be a calm and stable time in their lives. Our Court Appointed Special Advocates program provides these children with much needed consistency, with volunteers providing guidance and support in and out of court proceedings, until the child leaves the system.

In 2016, 84 children in Oakland County foster care benefitted from CASA services. Click here for more information on how to become a CASA.


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