40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.

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Every day at CARE House, we see some of the most brave children in the world. They have seen some of the worst of what human behavior has to offer, but they continually strive forward to persevere against the trauma inflicted upon them. These children are our heroes.

And so are the people who support their recovery. When you choose to make a donation to CARE House, you're not only helping to treat victims of child sexual abuse or children in foster care. You're helping to secure a future where no child has to fear the harm of abuse and neglect.

Becoming a monthly donor is a convenient way for you to be a hero for Oakland County's children. It provides us with the reliable support we need to continue offering our services at no cost to our clients, while leaving a minimal impact on your own monthly budget. No gift is too small!

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