Michael is 8 and lives with his dad. He’s never known his birth mom, so he and his dad have a very close relationship. Michael’s dad has to travel a lot for work, and he asked a family friend to watch Michael while he was away.

Kevin, the friend, was 16. Michael looked up to Kevin and thought he was cool, and he was excited the first time Kevin came over. That night was the first time Kevin sexually abused Michael. It continued every time Kevin watched Michael over the next several months.

Michael felt scared and embarrassed and didn’t tell anyone. He started having trouble sleeping at night. At school, he felt anxious and couldn’t concentrate. Things didn’t change until his dad came home early one night while the abuse was taking place. He called the police, and they scheduled a time for Michael and his dad to come to CARE House.

They both came to CARE House once a week to meet with a therapist to help them understand and cope with their feelings. Now, Michael is able to manage his fears and anxieties. He’s doing better in school, and his self-confidence has returned.