It was tough for Annie when her parents separated, but she liked her new step-dad, Rick. A year after they moved in with him, when Annie was 8, Rick started doing things a parent shouldn't do. He touched Annie while they watched TV, and visited her bedroom at night.

Rick made her promise not to tell anyone. He said it would ruin their family. Annie started having nightmares, and she lost interest in school. One day, she broke down and told her best friend, Danielle. Danielle told their teacher, and he made a report.

Annie and her mom felt nervous when they first came to CARE House, but not for long. Annie met a nice lady, and they talked while Annie colored. She told Annie the important thing was, to tell the truth. Annie did.

Things changed for Annie. She and her mom moved to a new house, and Rick went to jail. Annie started coming to CARE House each week to talk with another nice lady about her emotions and fears. Now Annie is eleven, and everything is a lot better! She loves school, she and her mom are much closer, and she feels safe.