Each time the doors to CARE House open, a child’s future enters…

sad-boySix-year-old Michael was sexually abused over a period of several months, every time Tom, a 16-year family friend, was asked to watch Michael and stay overnight.

Michael was too scared and embarrassed to tell anyone about the assaults he was enduring.  The violence stopped only after Michael’s stepmother walked in unexpectedly one night while the abuse was taking place.  That chance encounter marked the end of Michael’s abuse and the beginning of his healing.

Michael’s case was referred to CARE House, where he disclosed what had happened to him.  Crisis Counseling and therapy helped Michael’s father understand and better deal with his feelings, in order to provide a healthier environment for Michael during his healing process. Michael continued coming back to CARE House for therapeutic services every week for over a year.

Thoughts of his abuse made it difficult for Michael to concentrate, and to participate in school and recreational activities.  He was very confused by and ashamed of his abuse.  He experienced excessive fear, which made him jumpy and anxious during the day, and unable to sleep at night.

Michael received services at CARE House until he was 8 years old, which resulted in significant positive changes in his life.  Calmer, he is now able both to sleep during the night and to concentrate during the day.  His ability to focus on his schoolwork has improved to where he now excels in class. Most notably, Michael’s self-confidence has not only returned, but has increased.

Soon after his abuse was discovered, Michael’s dad and stepmother separated.  His birth mother had not been involved in his life.  Michael’s dad is often away on work-related travel, so they are fortunate to have Michael’s grandmother play a stabilizing role in their lives.  She has been a great support for both her son and grandson, and a strong advocate for Michael’s healing.  After one of his last therapy sessions at CARE House, Michael’s therapist walked with him to the waiting room to meet his grandmother.  So grateful for the progress he had made and the changes she had seen in him, she said to Michael’s therapist, “Thank you for giving me back my grandson!”

Michael’s story of hope and healing is one of thousands of CARE House stories.

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