CARE House is governed by a Board of Directors composed of community leaders:



S. Eliot Weiner - Chair

Renee McLeod - Vice Chair

Amber Stack - Treasurer

Murry Pierce - Secretary


Denise Abrash

Jeana Asmaro

Diane K. Bert, PhD

Ashley Boday

Nikki Braddock

Melody Bryant

Christopher Corden

Gregory Eichbrecht

Marla Feldman

Thomas Kimble

Laura Lawson

Arthur McClellan

Frederick Morsches

Kevin Mulcahy

Wendy Reyes

Dino Rotondo

Shannon Striebich

Cathy Weissenborn

Barbara Whittaker


CARE House's Administrative and Program Directors

Blythe Tyler, President and CEO

Tricia Schuster, Vice President, Programs

Brenda Baker-Mbacke, Director of CASA

Holly Banes, Clinical Director

Yvonne Cameron, Director of Intervention

Tam Heaton-Wyrick, Director of Communications & Grants

Chad Ozias, Director of Philanthropy

Billie Ragland, Director of Community Education