Hard as it can be to admit, we don’t always have the answers or solutions to the problems we’re facing at home. None of us should feel ashamed or embarrassed about admitting when that’s true, and we shouldn’t feel that way about asking for help when we need it.

So then, how best to react when we find ourselves truly at a loss for solutions? Consider this:

  • Think about times when you’ve had to make do without in the past. Did you find any successful creative solutions? What resources were you able to access? How does the present moment compare to those past times?
  • Work to create a network with your extended family, friends, and neighbors to support each other in times of need. One may have what the other is lacking, and one may have a community resource that the other might need.
  • Develop an EcoMap showing the people and institutions that are sources of support and/or stress in your life.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, in times of significant stress, you are not alone. Everybody needs help sometimes, and there are people in your life who can help you to solve the big problems.

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