40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.

Nina’s parents appreciate how eager and responsible Paul seems, and they tell Nina to do whatever Paul says before they leave for dinner.

One night while tucking her in for bed, Nina’s mother asks how Nina would like it if Paul started babysitting her on Friday nights as well. Nina hesitates before admitting to her mother that Paul did things that hurt her while she and her dad weren’t home. As they watched TV together, Paul did stuff to her and touched her privates. He told her that he was her special friend, and that she would be in trouble if she told anyone about it.


Nina’s parents called the police, and the police contacted CARE House to set up a forensic interview. She came to CARE House one morning with her parents, and a volunteer took them to a room that looked like the beach. She met with a forensic interviewer and disclosed that Paul had sexually abused her multiple times. She told the interviewer that she wasn’t afraid of Paul anymore.

During Nina’s interview, a CARE House Crisis Counselor met with Nina’s parents. The Counselor helped them to cope with their complicated feelings in the wake of the abuse, and provided them with suggestions on how to best communicate with Nina going forward. After the interview, the members of the Multidisciplinary Team created a safety plan for Nina with her parents, consisting of no further contact with Paul and therapy at CARE House.


The Crisis Counselor followed up with Nina’s parents to see how she was doing. Nina’s father said that Nina was having some trouble at school, and was having nightmares, but that therapy was helping things to improve. Later still, they found out that Nina would have to testify against Paul in court. The three of them came to CARE House’s Court Orientation session, where they learned how the court proceedings would go. Nina testified against Paul, and charges were successfully brought against him.

Nina told her mother afterward that she was nervous about seeing Paul in court, but that she was happy that she told the truth. CARE House’s Intervention and Therapy programs helped Nina, and with your support, can help more children like Nina too.

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