40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.

Pinwheel gardens help groups like us to spark interest and spread the word about child abuse prevention education, which in turn allows us to teach more people what they can do each day to keep children safe.

We reached out to the community to see if they would help us spread that message. We had no idea how tremendous the response would be.

Schools, businesses, community organizations and individuals throughout Oakland County stepped up to show their support for child abuse prevention this April.

Together they planted over 500 pinwheel gardens and displays about prevention education.

We are humbled at the response – we never imagined that so many groups and organizations would join us in spreading the message.

We also celebrated the hard work of our volunteers and the Multidisciplinary Team Members who participate in our forensic interviews.

Words fail us when we try to express our gratitude to these individuals. They go above and beyond every day

To everyone who planted a pinwheel garden, or started a pinwheel pinup program or hosted a special event or sponsored us in April – thank you. More people in Oakland County than ever before are thinking about what they can do to prevent the kids in their lives from becoming victims of abuse, and that would not be true were it not for the work you put in.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping to preserve happy, healthy futures for kids throughout our community.

To see the list of people and organizations who helped with our April 2019 Pinwheels for Prevention campaign, you can visit our website. To learn what you can do to help prevent child abuse, attend a free prevention education training session.